P&O Ferries celebrates 50th anniversary on Larne – Cairnryan route


P&O Ferries, a leading provider of ferry services in Europe is celebrating its 50th year anniversary of sailing ships between Larne in Northern Ireland and Cairnryan in Scotland.

Since its establishment in 1973, the Larne-Cairnryan route has played a vital role in connecting Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom, facilitating both trade and tourism.

Over the past five decades, Larne-Cairnryan has operated 44 sailings per week, providing a crucial link between Northern Ireland and the rest of Europe.

Larne-Cairnryan has increased in significance over recent years, with trade on this route rising and the two ships operating on the route, European Highlander and European Causeway, now carrying up to 3500 freight units per week and 370,000 passengers a year.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Larne-Cairnryan route, a remarkable milestone for P&O Ferries, our teams on both sides of the Irish Sea, and the local community,” said Peter Hebblethwaite, CEO of P&O Ferries.”Larne-Cairnryan has been instrumental in supporting economic growth, connecting people, and creating opportunities in Northern Ireland and Scotland. We are immensely proud of this longstanding commitment and look forward to many more years of providing our passengers and freight customers with exceptional service.”

As part of the commemorative events, P&O Ferries is hosting a celebration event at Larne Port. The ceremony features an exhibition on Larne-Cairnryan over the last 50 years, with historical photography and news clippings highlighting the impact the route has had for the last 5 decades.

Spot prizes will be given to lucky customers arriving onboard on our ships on Monday 10th July, and a special menu will be available to freight drivers onboard.





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