Y3K launches SMART-I® tracking and video telematics range


Y3K is revolutionising the commercial motor trade with the launch of its affordable SMART-I® tracking and video telematics range.The London based tech company founded in 2000 by leading industry expert Paul Singh, has created a cutting-edge range of products which deliver the latest technology at a fraction of the price of existing manufacturers, making video telematics and tracking accessible to businesses of all sizes.

“For too long, the benefits of video telematics and tracking have been out of reach for many businesses,” said Paul Singh, CEO of Y3K. “We’re excited to launch the SMART-I® range, which makes this technology affordable and accessible to everyone. Our products are designed to help businesses improve safety, efficiency, and compliance, while also reducing costs. We believe that every commercial vehicle and asset should be equipped with video telematics or tracking, and we’re committed to making it possible for businesses of all sizes to benefit from this game-changing technology.”

The SMART-I® range includes a comprehensive suite of products to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. You can see the full range at y3k.com/pages/about-smart-i – and the individual product specifications are listed below.

SMART-I® OBD Tracker

A compact and easy-to-install device that plugs into the OBD-II port of your vehicle. Equipped with a 4G (with 2G fallback) modem, GPS receiver and back-up battery, it provides both real-time and historical data on location, speed and direction.



SMART-I® Portable Trackers

A range of compact and portable devices that can be magnetically mounted on any asset or vehicle. Weighing from just 123g they provide real-time and historical tracking data, including location, speed, and direction.


SMART-I® Camera Trackers

A range of single and dual-camera devices that combine the very best tracking, telematics and camera technology in a powerful all in one product. They provide location data, speed, direction, driving style and capture clear video of the road ahead and vehicle interior, In addition to this AI-powered safety features like ADAS and DSM (driver state monitoring) alerts help prevent accidents, analyse driver behaviour with detailed reports, and optimise insurance claims with accident footage.

SMART-I® Web & Mobile Apps

Powerful apps that provide businesses with complete control over their assets and fleets on iOS or Android smartphone from anywhere. This allows users to: Track the real-time location of assets and vehicles, generate incident reports, view driver behaviour analytics and receive real-time alerts.

“Y3K is committed to providing businesses with the tools they need to manage and protect assets and fleets and their bottom lines. The SMART-I® range is just the beginning of Y3K’s commitment to driving technology forward and we will be announcing many more features and products throughout 2024” said Singh.


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