Volvo Trucks at IAA 2024


Volvo Trucks’ line-up at the IAA 2024 exhibition will be packed with proof points of Volvo’s determination to decarbonize transport and prevent accidents. Volvo will show trucks with battery-electric powertrains, fuel cells and renewable fuels in combustion engines – a strategy that enables sustainable transport today and tomorrow.

IAA 2024 will be a great opportunity to experience all of Volvo Trucks’ latest trucks and technologies – supporting our journey towards zero emissions and zero accidents

Volvo Trucks at IAA 2024 will be a demonstration of a global product range that has never been stronger. The new Volvo FH Aero range will be on display, recently launched for Europe, Asia and Africa including electric- and biofuel powered variants. The US market has seen the introduction of the all-new Volvo VNL on an all-new platform including groundbreaking autonomous technologies. IAA will be the first opportunity to experience the Volvo VNL in Europe. Both truck models were developed with fuel efficiency and safety in focus.

“I’m excited to see the reactions from customers and media on our new truck ranges and future technologies”, says Roger Alm, President Volvo Trucks. “Our line-up at this year’s IAA will show the global strength of the Volvo Group and will demonstrate our commitment to reaching zero emissions and zero accidents – both are equally important for the success of our customers.”

The new Volvo FM Low Entry will also be at IAA – this is Volvo’s first truck developed only with a battery-electric powertrain and extraordinary driver visibility for improved safety in the busy city environment. The iconic Volvo FH16 Aero will be shown with the all-new D17 17-liter highly efficient engine, adding power while reducing fuel consumption, and emissions. This truck has been designed for the toughest tasks and optimized productivity, and it is certified for HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) and biodiesel B100.

Volvo Trucks will also demonstrate its upcoming e-axle technology, tailor-made for Volvo’s next-generation battery-electric and fuel cell electric trucks, enabling longer electric range as well as optimized drivability.

While Volvo has five years of experience from electric trucks in customer operations in 47 countries worldwide, hydrogen is the next step when it comes to future powertrains. Hydrogen for fuel cell applications and hydrogen in combustion engines are being developed in parallel to future-proof the company’s truck range for all markets and sustainable transport applications around the globe. Both hydrogen-based technologies are expected to reach customers towards the end of this decade.

Several of Volvo’s trucks at IAA will be fitted with Volvo’s new Camera Monitor System (CMS) which brings benefits both in terms of fuel savings thanks to improved aerodynamics, but also enhanced safety through better visibility.

The Volvo line-up at IAA will consist of 8 trucks:

Volvo FH Aero Electric 4×2 with Camera Monitor System (CMS)
Volvo FH16 Aero 4×2 with HVO-fuel, XXL cab and CMS
Volvo FMX Electric 6×4 with a 3-way tipper
Volvo FM Low Entry 6×2 with skip loader
Volvo FM Gas-powered 4×2 with CMS
Volvo FE Electric 4×2 with skip loader
Volvo VNL 860, with full specification
Volvo’s Fuel Cell test truck
In addition to a wide range of truck models, Volvo will also show the new technologies and services that are in pipeline for the next generation of trucks, including charging services for battery-electric trucks.

Visitors to IAA will find Volvo Trucks in Hall 21, booth B01 as well as a line-up of trucks for test drives on the IAA test track. The timing for Volvo Trucks’ press conference will be announced later.







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