RSA warns drivers on dangers of using mobile phone when driving


The Road Safety Authority RSA is warning drivers, including HGV drivers of the dangers of using their mobile phone when driving.

In Ireland, RSA research found that 1 in 14 people use their mobile phone at least sometimes while driving to take photos/videos to share on social media.

The RSA says you are times more likely to be involved in a road collision if you use a mobile phone while driving.

What is the law?

You can only use your mobile when you’re driving if you are phoning 999 or 112, or it is another type of emergency.

It is an offence to hold a mobile phone in your hand or support it with another part of your body, for example between your head and shoulder, when you are driving.

Using a hands-free kit with your phone is not illegal, but it will stop you concentrating for a short time when you use your mobile phone and this puts other people using the road at risk.

You could be prosecuted for dangerous driving, careless driving or driving without due care and attention because of this. And you could also have your licence endorsed or even lose your licence.


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