RSA champions 30 km / hour speed limits in urban areas


The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is championing a new campaign for 30 km / hour speed limits in urban areas.

Aside from the obvious road safety benefit with a reduction in speed there are also environmental and economic benefits, according to the RSA.

The new TV Campaign illustrates the safe interaction between a number of road users to raise awareness of how lowering the speed limit in urban areas can lead to safer, greener, more liveable towns and communities. The TV led campaign is supported by Radio, digital audio, social media and out of home advertising.

The TV advertisement is shot in a beautiful Irish town with a speed limit of 30Km/h. A car passes a school girl at a bus stop and she opens the advert singing a song about driving at 30Km/h to the air of the well know song ‘Dirty old Town’.

As the edit continues other members of the town join in and the point of view changes from the drivers to each road user, which enables the viewer to see that all road users are happy to share the roads with each other as they are all travelling at a speed that that is safe for all. The advertisements follows the car as it travels around the town and ends with the car leaving the town and the driver saying “Feels good to drive at 30”.

The new 30km/h speed zones in urban areas campaign raises awareness of the benefits to people living in towns and communities across Ireland when the speed limit is 30km/h.


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