RHA launches Net Zero Forum in UK


The Road Haulage Association (RHA) in the UK has launched the Net Zero Forum, aimed at supporting the industry on the way to a net-zero future for all.

RHA Managing Director, Richard Smith 

RHA Managing Director Richard Smith says the RHA Net Zero Forum is a collaborative platform that brings together RHA members, industry experts, policymakers, and environmental organisations to collectively produce industry’s roadmap to Net Zero.

The forum will cover:

Collaborative decision-making: By uniting key stakeholders, the RHA Net Zero Forum will work hand in hand to determine the most effective strategies for decarbonizing the road and coach transport industry. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone’s voice is heard and considered.

Collaborative understanding: Sharing knowledge is vital for progress. The Net Zero Forum will serve as a hub for sharing best practices, technological advancements, and cutting-edge research related to sustainable transport. Together, we’ll foster a deeper understanding of how to drive positive change.

Defining key industry milestones: It’s time to set clear and achievable targets! The forum aims to establish a timeline with tangible goals and milestones that align with both industry needs and climate targets. The form will measure progress to ensure a meaningful reduction in emissions while maintaining service continuity.

Influence: the forum’s collective voice is powerful! The Net Zero Forum will actively engage with policymakers and decision-makers to advocate for achievable regulations and secure the necessary funding.


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