Navigating the green road with Radius|DCI


In the dynamic transportation landscape, the quest for sustainability has spurred innovation and reshaped how we power our vehicles. As the largest fuel card network in Ireland and Northern Ireland, Radius | DCI is at the forefront of this transformation, championing solutions that balance environmental sustainability with practicality and efficiency.

Radius | DCI’s commitment to a greener future involves embracing electric and hydro treated vegetable oil as key players in the transition towards sustainable transportation.

Electrifying Urban Mobility

Electric is a compelling option for urban areas and smaller vehicles, offering zero-emission mobility and quieter operations. The shift to electric vehicles is accelerating, driven by government targets and consumer demand for cleaner transportation. Electric cars and light-duty vehicles, ideal for short-distance travel and urban delivery, are supported by advancements in battery technology and the expansion of the Radius Charge infrastructure, with over 1,400 charge points across the island.

Radius|DCI supports the electrification of smaller vehicles and urban fleets with comprehensive solutions, including EV charging infrastructure, management software, and fuel card services tailored for electric mobility.

The DCI REV Card allows customers to purchase electric and traditional fuels on a single card, offering flexibility for mixed fleets and those transitioning to electric. A fully electric option is also available, ensuring a smooth transition to electric vehicles and contributing to a cleaner urban environment.

HVO: The Sustainable Solution for HGVs

For heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), HVO is a sustainable fuel alternative that decarbonises transportation while maintaining diesel-like reliability and efficiency. On the island of Ireland, where long-distance transportation is crucial, HVO allows fleet operators to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising performance. Its chemical similarity to diesel ensures seamless integration into existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly engine modifications or upgrades.

HVO offers significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional diesel, aligning with Radius’s sustainability goals. Partnerships with fuel suppliers across Ireland and Northern Ireland have helped DCI expand HVO availability at selected HGV fuelling stations.

The DCI One card allows customers to purchase HVO like diesel at the pumps, making it easy for fleet operators to adopt renewable fuels without disrupting their operations using our DCI One card for all pumped fuel.

A multifaceted approach to a sustainable future

The future of transportation involves diverse technologies and fuels tailored to different applications. HVO provides a sustainable solution for HGVs balancing environmental responsibility with operational efficiency. Electric vehicles offer a clean alternative for urban mobility and smaller-scale logistics. Through innovation and collaboration, DCI and its partners are driving positive change, paving the way towards a greener, more sustainable future.

As the largest fuel card network in Ireland and Northern Ireland, DCI is supporting its customers’ transition to more sustainable transportation. Whether adopting HVO for heavy goods vehicles or promoting electric vehicles for urban mobility, DCI is ready to fuel the future of sustainable transportation with a range of innovative fuel card solutions for mixed, transitioning, and all-electric fleets.

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