Licensed Haulage Support Scheme 2023 now open for applications


The Licensed Haulage Support Scheme 2023 is now open for applications, HGV can confirm.

The government approved the €18 million scheme earlier this year to support licensed haulage businesses with cost pressures.

The Scheme is being administered by the Department of Transport and covers eligible heavy goods vehicles authorised on the licence of a current road haulage operator.

The department has now contacted operators on the national register of road haulage operators to invite them to apply to the scheme.

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan said: “This is an important support for the licensed haulage sector which is key in supporting Ireland’s international supply chains. A similar scheme was run in Spring 2022, on an emergency basis, to support the liquidity of haulage business who faced a sudden unprecedented spike in fuel prices associated with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine.

“This new scheme is a measure to again support the liquidity of small businesses with increased costs – most licensed haulage businesses are small operators working to tight margins and sometimes with limited bargaining power to negotiate better rates from larger client companies.”

Minister of State Chambers with special responsibility for International and Road Transport and Logistics said: “The Scheme is designed in such a way to target higher levels of proportional support at smaller operators that have faced increased operating and fuel costs. This targeted approach will help to ensure the liquidity of those smaller businesses, who may be less likely to be able to pass on price increases to their customers.”

For further information on the scheme and to find out how to apply, visit





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