HGV drivers get sneezing advice


As the Hayfever season approaches, HGV drivers have been warned that sneezing while driving can be fatal as it can cause a momentary loss of control and concentration on the road.

HGVIreland.com is warning drivers that sneezing may cause a momentary loss of vision: When you sneeze, your eyes close involuntarily, which means you won’t be able to see the road for a brief moment.

Sneezing can also result in a loss of control: Sneezing can cause your head to jerk, which can result in your hands jerking on the steering wheel, leading to a loss of control of the vehicle.

Reduced reaction time is another side effect: Sneezing can also distract you from the road, reducing your reaction time if you need to take sudden action to avoid a collision.

If you sneeze while driving, you may swerve into another lane or off the road, putting yourself and others at risk.

To prevent sneezing while driving, you should avoid known allergens, keep your vehicle’s air conditioning system clean, and use antihistamines or other allergy medications as directed.

If you feel a sneeze coming on while driving, try to keep your eyes open and maintain your grip on the steering wheel.

If possible, slow down and pull over to a safe place until the sneezing subsides. Remember, it is better to take a few minutes to compose yourself than to risk causing an accident.


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