Government report a missed opportunity says FTAI


FTA Ireland (FTAI), which represents the interests of businesses moving goods within Ireland across its borders, has reacted with disappointment to the government’s report “A Strategic Approach to the Improved Efficiency of the Transport System in Ireland.”

As FTAI’s Chief Executive Aidan Flynn explains, the report ignores the importance of freight movements to the Irish economy and actively ignores issues which would make distribution more effective, to the benefit of the whole country.

Logistics is at the heart of Ireland’s economic prosperity,” he explains. “Our sector provides all the goods and raw materials that every sector of industry needs to function properly, yet this report does nothing to improve the way freight is moved in Ireland. This is a huge missed opportunity.

Currently, our sector faces a number of challenges, including the need to decarbonise operations and counteract the increasing restrictions placed on deliveries in city centres, including Dublin. Yet rather than offering solutions to these problems, the report vilifies our industry for doing its job – which powers every economic activity in the country. During the Covid pandemic, logistics movements were deemed “essential” to the Irish economy, but it is evident that this situation has now reversed and the needs of our industry are being ignored when it comes to national and local government planning and thinking. This is hugely disappointing.”

As Mr Flynn continues, the report fails to identify solutions to problems affecting the sector and preventing it from transitioning effectively to a greener future:

Our industry is fully committed to decarbonising,” he continues, “and has already taken significant steps on the road to net zero. However, the report makes no mention of the challenges faced by our industry in doing so – the switch to alternative fuels is currently impossible without a nationwide refuelling network, and the recommendation to switch to rail freight will not be possible without a significant upgrade to the national rail network.

The logistics industry is ready to do its part on the road to a net zero future, but needs concrete recommendations and support at a national government level to make this happen. Today’s report makes no mention of how the situation is to change, and leaves the logistics industry with precious little advice on how to make the necessary changes; it is a disappointment and a significant missed opportunity.”

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