Eco-friendly truck driving tips highlighted


With a five centre per litre increase in excise duty on diesel coming into force on Friday, 1st September truck drivers should bear these eco-friendly driving tips in mind to save fuel.

Smooth Acceleration: Gradually accelerate and avoid sudden starts to conserve fuel.Maintain

Speed: Stick to a consistent speed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Proper Gear Use: Shift gears efficiently and use engine braking to save fuel on downhill slopes.

Aerodynamics: Keep windows closed and reduce drag by keeping your truck’s exterior clean.

Tyre Maintenance: Maintain proper tire pressure and alignment for better fuel economy.

Minimise Idling: Turn off the engine when parked to save fuel and reduce emissions.

Plan Routes: Opt for shorter routes, avoid congested areas, and plan deliveries to minimize unnecessary driving.

Engine Maintenance: Regularly service your vehicle to ensure it’s running optimally.

Cruise Control: Use cruise control on highways to maintain a steady speed and reduce fuel consumption.

Light Load: Avoid carrying unnecessary weight; only transport what’s required.

Coasting: When safe, coasting downhill can save fuel by using gravity’s momentum.

Anticipate Traffic: Predict and adjust your driving based on upcoming traffic or road conditions.

Reduce Air Conditioning: Use air conditioning sparingly, as it puts extra load on the engine.

Smart Braking: Brake gently and avoid sudden stops to save fuel and reduce wear on brakes.

Driver Behaviour: Encourage eco-friendly driving habits among your drivers for maximum efficiency.

Remember, adopting these eco-driving practices not only benefits the environment but also helps lower operational costs for your HGV fleet.


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