Circle K: leading innovation within the fuel retail sector


In a bid to support Ireland’s transition towards a sustainable future and meet its carbon reduction targets, Circle K, Ireland’s leading forecourt and convenience retailer, is advancing its commitment to sustainable innovation, leading the charge with the expansion of its renewable diesel product, milesBIO HVO100.

milesBIO HVO100 stands at the forefront of eco-friendly solutions, presenting an impressive reduction of up to 90% in carbon greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to traditional diesel. Unveiling its potential to the market in Ireland, Circle K milesBIO HVO100 has already made strides in Scandinavia, particularly in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

What sets milesBIO HVO100 apart is its composition, derived entirely from renewable feedstock sourced from vegetable oils, used cooking oil, and various waste and by-products from the food industry. Unlike conventional fuels, milesBIO HVO100 is a new generation of renewable diesel that prioritises sustainability.

Recently, Circle K announced the introduction of milesBIO HVO100 pumps on its network and are continuing to expand with 3 more sites about to launch this month bringing to thirteen the total number of locations where customers can now access milesBIO HVO100. These latest additions are part of Circle K’s commitment to provide access to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) renewable diesel on all national road routes.

HVO remains a priority for Circle K and in 2024 it plans to expand its footprint by introducing new locations across its network, with over €2 million to be invested this year to support ongoing and upcoming projects. This investment underscores Circle K’s dedication to enhancing storage facilities at its terminals and advancing HVO technology to meet evolving market demands.

As Circle K leads innovation within the fuel retail sector, it remains aligned with the Irish Government’s ambition to reduce transport carbon emissions by 50% by 2030.

Through the introduction of milesBIO HVO100, Circle K is supporting businesses with fleet operations in reducing their carbon emissions. Companies such as cooking oil supplier Frylite Solutions, Musgraves MarketPlace and an increasing number of freight and logistics operators, are all partnering with Circle K and have introduced milesBIO HVO100 to their operations to reduce emissions across their respective fleets.

In addition, Circle K’s own logistics fleet, responsible for over 1,000 truck deliveries weekly, is now running entirely on HVO. The company was the first fuel retailer in Ireland to use HVO in its fleet of delivery vehicles, which is the equivalent of over 2,000 cars removed from Irish roads, contributing significantly to Ireland’s carbon reduction targets.

Jonathan Diver, Senior Director Fuel at Circle K Ireland, said, “We are committed to supporting our business customers in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions through innovative sustainable fuel solutions. Since the introduction of milesBIO HVO100 to the Irish market in 2022, we have collaborated closely with numerous commercial partners, including industry leaders like Musgrave MarketPlace, Stobart Logistics and, more recently, Frylite Solutions and DFDS, and we are already seeing the impact of milesBIO HVO100 on their respective operations.

“HVO remains a key investment priority for Circle K as we aim to expand our presence with new locations in 2024. To this end, we have allocated over €2 million in funding this year towards both ongoing and upcoming projects, and to enhance storage facilities at our terminals.

“Together, we are accelerating the adoption of HVO among diesel vehicle users, contributing towards Ireland’s path to net-zero and supporting the Government’s objective to achieve a 50% reduction in transport carbon emissions by 2030.”

To find out more about Circle K milesBIO HVO100, please email or call 01 2028888.


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