Calls for new drivers to use motorways during lessons


Irish learner drivers could use the motorway in lessons and tests after a new campaign calls for mandatory training.The team at LeaseCar are calling for all new drivers in Ireland to learn how to use the motorway before they receive their pass certificate in a bid to cut collisions and improve driving skills.

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Driving on the motorway is currently illegal during lessons meaning learners won’t have any practice before receiving their licence.

The first time Irish drivers experience motorways for the first time is often alone by themselves after they’ve received their qualifications.

However, the experts claim this can be dangerous to the driver and other road users as the newly qualified driver won’t be used to motorway driving.

Slip roads, stricter lane discipline and increased speed limits will all be a new experience for those who have never driven on a motorway before.

That’s why the experts are calling for motorway driving to be made compulsory in lessons and on the official test to fully prepare learners.

They believe introducing it into the law will help reduce the number of collisions on motorways which inexperienced drivers may have caused.

Tim Alcock, motoring expert at LeaseCar, said: “Motorway driving is an intimidating experience for those who have never been on one before.

“We believe it’s one of the scariest parts of driving as there are additional lanes and more cars on the road travelling at much higher speeds.

“The problem for new drivers is they won’t be used to how it works especially when it comes to building up speed on the slip road and how to safely merge onto the motorway.

“But having motorway driving as a mandatory part of the lessons will help build confidence and experience amongst new drivers so they’ll be fully prepared after getting their pass plates.

“Having this extra requirement in place on driving lessons and the main test will hopefully result in better drivers on the road, fewer people not knowing what they’re doing on the motorway and reduce the number of accidents caused by inexperienced drivers.

“Learning to drive on the motorway is all about experience, the more you drive on them, the more you get used to the roads.

“This message should be made clear during lessons to fully equip new drivers with the skills and confidence needed to have a safe journey.”



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