Wright Insurance Brokers hosts Transport and Logistics seminar


Wright Insurance Brokers gathered an expert panel to address key issues at its national Transport & Logistics Seminar, themed ‘Breaking the Cycle, Brexit Update & Insurance Reform’.

Jim Power, Tony Wright, Ambassador Robin Barnett, Verona Murphy, Minister Michael D’Arcy, Anton Savage

Wexford hosted a delegation of operators in the Transport and Logistics industry who attended the Wright Insurance Brokers Transport & Logistics Seminar on Wednesday, September. 12.

The speaker panel included British Ambassador, Robin Barnett; Minister of State, Michael D’Arcy; Irish Road Haulage Association President, Verona Murphy; and Economist, Jim Power.

The seminar theme focussed on key issues impacting the audience, which was largely comprised of operators in the Transport and Logistics industry, and which will be particularly affected by the outcome of the final Brexit negotiations.

Insurance Reform is also a key issue for Transport and Logistics operators who have been significantly impacted by rising insurance costs and associated issues including the current claims culture and personal injury judgements.

Minister of State, Michael D’Arcy opened the seminar with a summation of the status of Insurance Reform in Ireland.

This was followed by an update from leading Economist, Jim Power, on the Brexit deal/no deal debate and the likely impending implications for the Transport & Logistics industry.

The seminar culminated in a panel discussion in which expert opinions were further expanded upon, with questions posed by Broadcaster Anton Savage who chaired the discussion.

L-R Anton Savage, British Ambassador Robin Barnett, Minister Michael D’Arcy, Verona Murphy, Jim Power, Tony Wright

British Ambassador, Robin Barnett, who joined the discussion panel commented: “This was a good opportunity to meet and hear from a key group of people who facilitate European and global trade.  Ensuring there remains frictionless access to the UK market for Irish exporters and vice versa is a key Government objective.  The recent White Paper put forward by the UK Government as the basis for a future EU-UK partnership would see goods and agri-food flowing freely across the border, with no need for any physical border infrastructure or related checks and controls.  Negotiating this outcome remains a top priority.”

Commenting on Insurance Reform, Tony Wright, CEO, Wright Insurance Brokers added; “While there has been a downward movement on Insurance premiums recently, it is unlikely to continue if fundamental legislative reforms are not implemented.”



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