Tachosys introduces new digipostpro


Tachosys, the leading providers of digital tachograph hardware and software solutions, has expressed its thanks to those in the transport industry that are providing front line services during this difficult time of Covid 19.

Tachosys is still delivering tachograph download products to its resellers should transport companies need a replacement product or to streamline tachograph data collection due to limited resources.

The latest model of the digipostpro could go a long way to mitigating the problem.

Sales & Marketing Manager Chris Cuffe commented: “We appreciate that with many IT departments decimated by Covid 19 it may be difficult to collect tachograph data and stay legal.”

The digipostpro could help as being an autonomous unit it does not need IT support. The digipostpro is a stand alone terminal for the collection of driver card data and vehicle downloads. It allows drivers to upload their own cards with the data sent by either LAN or the mobile network (3G) to any nominated Tachograph software analysis provider. All of the key online analysis providers can supply digipostpro.”

This latest model improves on the original digipostpro, which has been around for the last 12 years and is present in well over 12,000 locations in the UK.

Chris elaborated: “The new version is clearer to use and now has an exciting new add-on. You can add a plug in module that provides a means for your depot staff to clock in and out and record other breaks during the day. This module has both RFID card reading and finger print recognition for two stage verification. The data is transmitted to your chosen provider, can be accessed online or can be pushed in real time to a web service for central management.”

He concluded: “If you would like to know more just visit Tachosys.com. All Tachosys products are compatible with the new Smart Tachograph (Gen2). We also have both Bluetooth and WiFi options which could assist you with data collection at this difficult time.”


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