State of the art spoiler launched


Improved fuel efficiency and driver convenience is being claimed by Hatcher Components for its new Smart Spoiler.

The air kit automatically adjusts itself to the height of the trailer when connected to ensure optimum aerodynamic performance and eliminate any potential driver error. Hatcher claims it’s the ultimate in operator convenience as no driver input is required! “It’s difficult for drivers to fully align spoiler to trailer height. This takes the guesswork out of it,” says Hatcher’s Craig Poacher.

Our technology automatically detects trailer height and adjusts the spoiler accordingly. It is only when the trailer is removed, that the spoiler returns to a safe height and is ready to detect the next trailer.

A particular benefit Mr Poacher points out is where hauliers are running to both retail outlets and CDC’s. “Often this involves combinations of standard trailer during day retail drops but a double deck tall trailers at night. For hauliers that need that operational flexibility Smart Spoiler is just the ticket.”

But it isn’t just aerodynamic efficiency and fuel savings that make Smart Spoiler appealing says Mr Poacher. With blue chip brands keen to promote social responsibility he says it is a demonstration of practical carbon saving action. “Just a small misalignment in spoiler height can lead to a respectable increase in fuel costs, and I’m always amazed at how many incorrectly adjusted spoilers I see on my travels. Now any fleet manager can demonstrate that they are doing their utmost to optimise fuel efficiency and adding credence to their environmental responsibility.”

”We believe that the greater adjustment accuracy and fewer adjustment cycles that Smart Spoiler affords will reduce wear on the moving parts of the system,” adds Mr Poacher.

Smart Spoiler has been trialled by textiles manufacturer W E Rawson Ltd and transport and distribution manager Paul Murphy is delighted with the results. “With the nature of our business and customers we run three different types or trailer. The beauty of Smart Spoiler is that whatever trailer the driver hooks up to it is always going to be set at the correct height for optimum fuel efficiency. With our DAF XL and Volvo FH fleet we can achieve 12 mpg and I’m delighted with that.

“And it couldn’t be simpler or more convenient – there is nothing the driver needs to do!”

The success of the trial means that Smart Spoilers are now in production for all major commercial vehicle manufacturers.


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