Non-EU work permit application process fraught with difficulties


The non-EU work permit application process for HGV drivers in Ireland is laborious, costly, inefficient and fraught with difficulties, according to FTA Ireland CEO Aidan Flynn.

The main issue seems to rest with the fact that there are so many departments and agencies involved in the process and they are not linked up. The timing of the issue of social security numbers, the Road Safety Authority role in the driver licence transfer and the time taken by the NDLS to issue an Irish driving licence number are also of concern,” Flynn told

Moreover, potential drivers who have obtained a permit are having to wait months (with no communication to the applicants) before they can complete the required 35hours of CPC training to allow driving for hire and reward. This cannot be completed until the PPS is issued and the driver licence number is issued

Regarding Ukrainian HGV drivers, in Ireland, everything must be done to facilitate skilled and qualified Ukrainian nationals now living in Ireland to drive HGVs,” Flynn said.

He added: “The non-EU work permit regime for HGV drivers must be streamlined. Delays are caused by issuing PPS numbers, licence exchange and the requirement to complete the Driver CPC only after the Irish driving licence has been issued.”


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