New Skip Lorry Safety resources from the HSA


The rise in the rate of vehicle related fatal incidents at work reported to the Health and Safety Authority continues to be a cause of concern.

The waste management industry is one of the sectors experiencing higher levels of vehicle related harm at work. In order to improve overall vehicle risk management practices in this sector, the Health and Safety Authority, in conjunction with An Garda Síochána and the Road Safety Authority,  have introduced new guidance on Skip Lorry Safety.

Waste skip collection vehicles, or skip lorries as they are more commonly known, make up a large part of waste collection activities, and their operation involves many hazards including reversing, skip lifting manoeuvres, load securing, the use of lifting equipment, vehicle deterioration and general driving for work.

New Guidance and Checklist Poster

The aim of the new guidance is to help to improve awareness and understanding of the key steps needed to prevent injuries.

It explains the legal duties for employers, self-employed and operators in the waste industry. It stresses the importance of carrying out risk assessments and explains how to identify hazards, assess risks and put in place the correct controls to reduce dangers and prevent injuries.

Download the Safe Skip Lorry information sheet and the A4 Skip lorry Safety Checklist and Poster

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