New road safety resources available to truck operators


Work-related fatalities and road collision figures remain high and are a continued safety concern. Many truck drivers are injured and killed but others are often victims of incidents involving truck operations involving fellow workers, other road users and vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists.

Operating a truck or heavy commercial vehicle is a high-risk activity.  But it is an activity that must be managed and controlled so as not to cause harm to people.

To address this, the RSA, HSA and An Garda Síochána have developed a dedicated resource portal providing the essentials on safe truck fleet operations. The suite of resources available to truck operators and driver are housed in one location –

The resources are available to help truck operators and drivers to put in place safer vehicle, driver and journey risk management practices. The presentations, podcasts and dedicated links to guidance material focus on such areas as transport operations management, vehicle management, driver management, chain of responsibility and medical fitness to drive.

The resource portal will be of particular interest and benefit to employers, self-employed, transport, safety and fleet managers who operate heavy commercial vehicles in all work sectors specifically those involved in routine transport of goods, equipment, and materials.

Remember employers, managers and supervisors must, by law, manage the risks that employees face and create for others when they drive or operate heavy commercial vehicles for work.

You can access all resources at


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