Motorists urged to look out for motorcyclists


The Road Safety Authority (RSA) and the Irish Motorcycle Association are appealing to drivers, including HGV drivers,  to be aware of and to look out for motorcyclists. The appeal is being made as 18 motorcyclists have died so far in 2022 an increase of 5 compared to 2021.

Michael Noonan, PRO, Irish Motorcycle Association said, “Drivers should expect to encounter motorcyclists on the road more often at this time of year. They also need to understand that motorcyclists have less protection in the event of a crash and so are many times more vulnerable. A factor in collisions involving a motorcyclist and a driver is when a car or van turns or drives through a junction / joins a main road from a minor road, fails to observe, and ends up colliding with the motorcyclist. Therefore, it is critical that drivers look out for motorcyclists especially, at junctions, at intersections, when turning onto a main road and when changing lanes.”

Mr Noonan also had a message for ‘fair weather’ bikers, “some motorcyclists, who have not biked in a while, will be taking their bikes out onto the road to avail of the good weather. I would urge these ‘fair weather’ bikers to take time to re-familiarise themselves with their bike and to get their minds in gear before heading out onto the road.”

Mr. Stefan Auler, Regional Manager, Driver Testing, RSA said: “As someone who tests motorcyclists and is a keen motorcyclist, I have first-hand experience of the challenges that motorcyclists face daily on the road. Visibility is often a factor in motorcycle crashes involving other vehicles. Because of its narrow profile, a motorcycle can be easily hidden in a car’s blind spots such as the door and roof pillars or masked by objects or backgrounds outside a car like bushes, fences, and bridges. Drivers should always assume motorcyclists are closer than they appear. Their speed and distance are difficult to judge, especially at intersections. Look twice before turning right or left, crossing junctions and when changing lanes.”

Mr Auler added that “As motorcyclists we should also ensure we are equipped with the correct PPE and ride with dipped headlights on, to increase visibility.”


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