Michelin truck tyres set new fuel efficiency record


Michelin has announced that tyres from its X Line Energy range, fitted to two Volvo trucks, have set new fuel efficiency records following demanding road tests.

A 6×2 Volvo FH 460 with I-Save set a new record of 9.49mpg at 44-tonnes around Commercial Motor’s 760km road test route – on Michelin X Line Energy tyres.

Earlier this month, the next generation 4×2 Volvo FM 420, operating with a tri-axle trailer at 40-tonnes, averaged 10.31mpg around a 760km road test route. This followed less than 12 months after a 6×2 Volvo FH 460 with I-Save set a new record of 9.49mpg at 44-tonnes.

Both tractor units were specified with Globetrotter sleeper cabs and tyres from Michelin’s most fuel-efficient range. The FM rode on 355/50 R22.5 X Line Energy Z (steer) and 295/60 R22.5 X Line Energy D (drive) tyres, whilst the FH with I-Save was equipped with 385/55 R22.5 X Line Energy F (steer & mid axle) and 315/70 R22.5 X Line Energy D (drive) tyres. 

The test took place using a standard tri-axle curtainside trailer, over a set route in the UK  covering 494km of motorway, with 121km of severe gradients and 145km of trunk roads. 

Commenting, Martin Tomlinson, Head of Media, Truck Demonstration & Driver Development at Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland, says: “In the minds of most customers, fuel is everything. 

Michelin X Line Energy tyres have become my default choice for our long-haul demo fleet as they help us to drive further on less fuel. Plus they match this with impressive safety, handling and durability.” 

For further information on the Michelin commercial vehicle tyre range visit https://business.michelin.co.uk/.


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