Malcolm Logistics chooses Cartwright


Malcolm Logistics, a leading independent provider of third party logistics services, has ordered 41 Class A swap bodies from trailer and commercial vehicle body manufacturers Cartwright.This unique design is a higher rated swap body than normal and runs at a gross weight of 34,500 kilos with a tare weight of the box of 5680 kilos. The swap bodies have been designed to a rail code of S44 and UIC approved by Network Rail. They can run up to a gross combination weight of 48 tonnes (compared to a road legal limit of 44 tonnes), future-proofing the vehicle should legislation on this change. These swap bodies are comprised of a unique design in order to achieve the higher operating weight with a low tare weight to maximise payload.

The body itself has three cargo control systems specifically designed for different types of operation – one load restraint system for timberdeck products, another for roll cages (which is built into the curtains) and a third for a roof mounted track system to control groupage.

It is unique to have three systems in one body and Cartwright engineers have been working in partnership with Malcolm Logistics for the past 12 months, designing and testing to create this innovative solution to cater for our customers specific operational requirements.

Through combining their expertise, the two companies have been able to develop a truly versatile product which will cater for a diverse range of operations for Malcolm Logistics’ various customers.



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