Leeds CAZ will put many hauliers at risk


The Road Haulage Association is outraged at Leeds City Council plans to charge pre-Euro VI lorries £50 per day to enter their Clean Air Zone – due to be launched in January 2020.RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett said: “These plans will be disastrous for the many operators who are unable to absorb or recover the costs of entering the zone. This is an industry that has to make every penny count. £50 per day equates to an additional annual cost of £13,000 which will inevitably place many operators in an untenable situation.

“Road hauliers play a key role in delivering and maintaining the Leeds economy. The City Council should support them with measures which give them time to upgrade their trucks so they can keep delivering the goods the city relies on. These charges will make vehicle replacement almost impossible.

“What’s needed is an intelligent, phased approach to the Clean Air Zone which supports businesses – not punitive charges which have the potential of putting many operators out of business.”

“Of course, we all want clean air but this has to be paid for and road haulier cannot be expected to foot the entire bill.”


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