Keeping your wheels in excellent condition


As time goes by the wheels and tyres of your car can be exposed to all sorts of debris on the open road. There are possibilities of scuffs, scratches and accumulating dust which can prevent your wheels from staying in top-notch condition. Whether you’re hoping to stay on top of safety, or you’re looking for those all important added touches to improve the aesthetic of your car entirely, there are a number of ways to ensure your wheels are properly maintained. Keeping your wheels in great condition is easy as long as you are willing to put in a small amount of time and effort every now and again.

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Stay on Top of Repairs
Over time, the wheels of your car can quickly become damaged and worn. Even if there is only a small amount of damage to your wheels it is very important to stay on top of repairs. There are a number of benefits of diamond cut alloys when you are getting your wheels repaired or refurbished. As well as enhancing the entire look of your vehicle, it can also give a beautiful high shine that stands out on the road.

Maintain Your Tyres
Every single week you should carry out a couple of basic tyre checks which will help you to stay safe on the roads. Checking the pressure and the tread will ensure that your tyres are safe. Experts say that the legal requirement for tyre tread depth is 1.6mm, however the recommended depth is usually closer to 3mm. Heading out on the roads with worn tyres can be especially dangerous during wet weather; losing your grip on the road may happen if you don’t regularly assess your tyre depth.

Keeping Them Clean
The first thing you notice when your car gets dirty is the main body of the vehicle. When your car loses its shine you may focus on deep cleaning and sponging the main visible areas, which may not always include the wheels. It has never been more important to keep your wheels clean especially as they can undergo copious amounts of wear and tear whilst out on the roads.

Much like you would wax the body of your car in order to keep it looking super fresh all year long, you should also actively protect your wheels. When it comes to waxing your alloy wheels, there are a number of benefits to staying on top of this car maintenance job. As well as preventing dust from sticking to your wheels, it also reduces the need for harsh chemicals. Wax is a mild, yet effective way to keep your wheels fresh and clean all year round.

Opting for seasonal tyres may also be a brilliant way to maintain your wheels. Adapting your car according to the season will help with your driving conditions and it will keep your car looking fresh. Ultimately, you may want to stay true to the original design of your car, which is why it is always important to seek out advice from a professional if you want to make a big change such as repair your alloys.


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