Joint statement on cross-channel freight movements


Ireland, the UK and France has issued a joint statement with regards to freight movements between the three countries in the context of the COVID 19 crisis.

The statement says the three countries are linked together by trade which is centuries old, and which has thrived through the most difficult of times.

The statement says the collective well-being of the three counties depends on those who move freight between our nations. These are crucial economic and social links which we must maintain.

“The current COVID-19 crisis presents a threat to the movement of goods if we do not act.

We recognise the importance of the partnership between our nations at this difficult time. That is why we make this joint statement to affirm our wish to ensure freight keeps moving, which remains essential during this crisis.” the statement affirms.

Ireland has already announced an intervention in support of some critical routes on the continental and southern corridors from Ireland. The UK has made an announcement of support for critical routes into and out of the UK. France intends to support these efforts during the COVID-19 crisis and thereby contribute to maintaining links with the European continent as a whole.

Ireland has initiated a dialogue between the three governments during this crisis to strengthen partnership and share best practices. Residents, workers and businesses should be reassured by our shared commitment.

“Working together in partnership is important at this difficult time to help keep freight flowing between and through our countries,” the statement concluded.


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