IRHA meets Finance Minister as fuel crisis deepens


The Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA) met with Finance Minister, Pascal Donohoe on Monday as the fuel crisis deepens on the back of the war in Ukraine, and spiralling prices at the pumps.

The IRHA is calling on Government to come to the aid of the haulage industry as fuel prices continue to spiral out of control.

IRHA President Eugene Drennan met with Finance Minister, Pascal Donohoe on Monday and called on the Minister to introduce a suite of financial measures to reduce the cost of road diesel at the pumps.

A rebate scheme is already in place, which yields a reduction of 7.5 cent per cent per litre on the cost of road diesel. The IRHA is calling on the Minister to increase the rebate to at least 25 cent per litre.

RTE reported:  “We brought home to the Minister in no uncertain circumstances the times we are in,” IRHA president Eugene Drennan said after the meeting in Dublin.

“We’re now into war, the troubles of wartimes, and we cannot keep abreast of the price of fuel. It is rising daily at an enormous cost; we absolutely have to get supports for the industry as quickly as possible.”


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