Hireco’s perspective and adjustments on the Covid – 19 pandemic


In these unprecedented times of Covid -19, industries nationwide and globally have been affected by the pandemic. Like most businesses, trailer specialists Hireco has had to adaptits business to conform with the current economic restrictions. Consequently it has implemented new measures to comply with social distancing and hygienic issues.

Helen Flynn of Hireco Ireland commented: “Presently, demand in most industries has seen a descent in sales and we assure our customers that in the near future, the restrictions in our economic wheel will keep turning in our industries favour.”

“It is without doubt a short-term measure that will need long term assurances. Long term our trade will reflect on measures that our industry will need to implement in case of future disasters similar to the pandemic. Parallel to our government learning from what they needed to focus on more, like PPE equipment and testing centers, essential companies like Hireco will need to think the same. “

She continued: “Today Hireco is considered to be the Major Commercial Trailer Rental Specialist in Ireland. There are measures we have had to implement in our work ethic and staff on ground level to comply with the current restrictions.”

New adjustments and services

Hireco is now offering extra services, which include Storage Containers and Delivery & Collection of Trailers if needed due to the pandemic. There are two depots, one on the Long Mile Road and one in Naas.

Included in the new services are Sanitised Washes at the company’s truck wash to align with Covid-19 government measures. This service is available in the Naas branch.

Drivers who are part of the Delivery and Collection Service will have the appropriate products on hand including sanitiser, gloves and masks. Physical distancing measures will be practiced at all delivery and collections.

Because of the risks of cross contamination, hand washing is being encouraged regularly throughout the working day to prevent the spread of germs. Hand washing stations and products are being provided by the company.

Direct contact with other staff is being observed to the 2m recommendation. Staff training in relation to social distancing, hygiene procedures and awareness of the symptoms of the virus is continuing and there is an onus on staff for accountability.

Future precautions and measures

Surfaces and vehicles will need to have sustainable measures in keeping with the hygienic precautions and steps needed to prevent cross contamination.

The government instructions in all areas for an infectious free work environment is the new way for industries to work towards.

Hireco Ireland will insure and incorporate awareness that itsw work force comprehends and follows these instructions. Guidelines on cleaning vehicles and equipment will also be followed and implemented as a continuing measure.

“Hireco has and will be a more educated company in these types of economic disasters in the future and will continue to be a major commercial trailer rental specialist in Ireland,” Helen concluded.


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