Game-changing electric 18-tonne vehicle put through paces


The UK’s only fully electric 18-tonne truck was put through its paces by fleet managers from across the country as its creators offered a glimpse into the future.

The vehicle, which is the result of a two-year strategic collaboration between Electra Commercial Vehicles, Guest/Sherwood Truck and Van and IVECO, was put in the hands of representatives from major companies across the UK over a three-day test drive event, with an overwhelmingly positive response.

The event was held at Sherwood Truck & Van base at the Winsford Industrial Estate, with all time slots snapped up in advance to see the all-electric, refrigerated urban drop-off vehicle, for which orders are now being taken.

Nick Pemberton, Business Development Director at Guest Sherwood, said: “The feedback has been incredible and has really made the last two years worthwhile.

We have had high hopes for this truck since the inception of the original idea, but the interest generated over these three days has blown us away.

All of our test drivers have come to us because they want to see what the future holds and everyone has left impressed.

One particular feature that helps the electric truck stand out in terms of its driving experience is the lack of ‘hesitation’ when you start to move, which is going to be such a positive change for drivers.”

The vehicle has a range of 250- 300 KMs and will cost users an estimated five per cent of current equivalent fuelling costs.

Sid Sadique, Chairman of Electra Vehicles, said: “The homologation process has been painstaking and when you are leading the way with such a radical creation, there is always going to be a huge amount of issues to overcome.

One of our main challenges has been getting the weighting just right, obviously the less it weighs the more efficient it is.

The painstaking process of creating a fit for purpose vehicle of such a size involved the team stripping down a regular diesel vehicle, creating an inventory of each individual part and researching how it can be replaced to work in the context of an electric vehicle.

This is the way the world is heading, the call for electric vehicles is growing by the day but as an industry, we can’t afford to lose the service efficiency that we depend on.

This is perfect for city deliveries and we believe this is a game-changing piece of technology fit for the future.”



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