FTA Ireland reminds members of new posting regulations


FTA Ireland is reminding members that new posting regulations will enter into force on 2 February 2022 for drivers carrying out international operations.

The key objectives are to streamline and simplify the various posting rules that exist across each country in Europe, create a set of minimum standards and standardise the administrative requirements for posting workers across Europe.

FTA Ireland CEO commented: “A “posted driver” means a driver who, for a limited period, carries out his or her work in the territory of a member state or third country other than the member state in which the driver normally works.”

He added: “A posting shall be considered to start when the driver enters the territory of another Member state for loading or unloading of goods and to end when the driver leaves the territory of that member state. Postings can be from one day to six months (after which they must be reposted).”

There is an obligation on the operator to pay drivers at least the full minimum wage applicable in each member state while they are working there.

Drivers must now register border crossings on digital tachographs.


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