FTA Ireland calls for toll holiday


FTA Ireland is calling for a Toll holiday for all HGVs as a means of reducing overheads, reducing congestion and improving road safety.

Toll holidays were trialled in the past and proved very successful in moving HGV traffic onto tolled motorways.

Aidan Flynn, CEO FTA Ireland told HGVIreland.com: “FTA Ireland would like the Government to consider experimenting with a toll holiday for HGVs as it would reduce overhead expenses and have the added benefits of improving road safety, reduce congestion on national and regional roads, as well as reducing emissions.”

FTA Ireland also wants the Government to consider implementing a trial of Longer Semi Trailers. “We recommend, a change to the current legislative provisions relating to the permitted length of semi-trailers. Such a change would have benefits in terms of addressing the driver shortage within the haulage sector and reduce fuel burn thus reducing carbon emissions. The recommendation is for a permanent change but at a minimum for a temporary change that would allow for a pilot of the use of longer semi-trailers (LSTs) to be conducted. LSTs are up to 2.05m longer than a standard 13.6m trailer and therefore have a greater load capacity.


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