FTA Ireland calls for review of Diesel rebate Scheme


FTA Ireland has called on government to review the current Diesel Rebate Scheme (DRS) and make it accessible for all commercial fleet operators.

FTA CEO, Aidan Flynn made the call last week in a presentation to to the Joint Committee on Transport and Communications on the topic ‘The Rising Cost of Fuel’

“ The DRS is not functioning effectively, and we urge the Government to review the application process making it more efficient and accessible for all commercial fleet operators. The DRS rebate should be claimable monthly. The application process should be simplified to ensure greater take up of the fuel rebate scheme,” Aidan Flynn commented.

“There should be further tax breaks for EURO VI and alternative fuelled vehicles such as CNG / LNG and electric vehicles. This can easily be included through an extension of the current DRS.”

“The DRS should be expanded to include all commercial vehicle operators and incorporating the Own Account Sector (currently it is only open to holders of a Road Haulage Operator Licence or a Road Passenger Transport Operator Licence).”


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