DVSA catch emissions cheats trucks


The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) caught almost 300 trucks that were fitted with emissions cheat devices at roadside checks between August and November 2017 in the UK.In August 2017, DVSA started to include checks for emissions cheat devices in roadside checks of lorries at 5 locations across Great Britain.

By the end of November 2017, DVSA examiners had searched 3,735 lorries at these locations and found 293 lorries with a cheat device fitted.

The drivers and operators were given 10 days to fix the emissions system, or face a £300 fine and having the vehicle taken off the road.

Where a driver or operator repeatedly offends, DVSA can take the vehicle off the road immediately.

How cheat devices damage air quality

Cheat devices cut the cost of operating, but give false emissions readings which can result in the release of excessive emissions into the atmosphere.

Some of the way this is done include:

using devices designed to stop emissions control systems from working
removing the diesel particulate filter or trap
using cheap, fake emission reduction devices or diesel exhaust fluid
using illegal engine modifications which result in excessive emissions
removing or bypassing the exhaust gas recirculation valve


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