Demo Renault Range T High now available


Renault’s flagship Range T High tractor unit was on display at the Irish Road Haulage Association Conference last weekend and is now available to test drive.

The truck at the IRHA Conference at the weekend was the first Right Hand Drive Renault Range T High to arrive in Ireland.

The truck has a fully-flat floor plus a comfortable, well-appointed working and living area, making it an ideal vehicle for operators looking for a more spacious and luxurious sleeper cab.

The demo is a 480 hp 6×2 mid-lift model, 4.1 wheelbase with 790 litres of diesel capacity, night heater, air conditioning, fridge, luxury leather seats  and two bunks to name but a few extras.

To book a demo call Sean Mancier at ‭086  041 1921‬.


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