CVR testing resumes


CVR testing has resumed subject to detailed measures being put in place by CVR test operators to protect staff and customers of CVR testing services against COVID-19.

Check with your local CVR testing centre about booking tests and when they will be resuming CVR testing.

There are restrictions on the vehicles that can be tested upon resumption of testing. If a vehicle’s CRW expired prior to 28 March 2020, a CVR test operator will be able to conduct a test on the vehicle from 18 May 2020.

If a vehicle had a valid CRW on or after 28 March 2020 (or a vehicle was due its first test after 28 March) the CRW/Test Due date is being extended for 3 months and therefore there is no requirement to present the vehicle for a test at this point.

While it is perfectly in order for a vehicle owner to seek a test booking for a vehicle with a test due later than 28 March 2020, the CVRT test operator concerned has been instructed by RSA not to conduct tests on such vehicles until further notice.


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