Camera Telematics launch Street Angel Response


Camera Telematics, the leaders in vehicle camera technology enabling fleet operators to achieve the highest standards of risk management strategies, today announced the launch of Street Angel Response, the most advanced accident and claims management app available to businesses operating fleets.

Once downloaded to an Android or Apple smartphone, Street Angel Response provides drivers with a full range of accident management services, including vehicle recovery, the provision of a courtesy car and expert legal assistance. Also, drivers can instantly activate any claims process resulting from an on the road incident by uploading pictures or a video from the scene to display images of damage to the vehicles involved, together with GPS positioning and access to a live advisor who can advise you and preserve best evidence.

There are no hidden costs with Street Angel Response and no administration fee. Also, users will not be charged per incident reported or have deductions made from any uninsured losses that are recovered on their behalf.

For fleet operators and commercial users, Street Angel Response delivers a range of benefits, including reduced vehicle downtime, third party cost control and straightforward implementation and ongoing account management.  

Additional benefits of Street Angel Response include:

·       We will notify the emergency services if required

·       Recovery of your damaged vehicle and any belongings inside to a place of safe storage

·       If you are not at fault, we can save you paying any policy excess or losing your no claims discount

·      Access to an extensive network of UK repairers with guaranteed quality

·      A like for like replacement vehicle where you are not to blame, from the smallest car to the largest   HGV

·      Access to courtesy vehicles if you are at fault, even if your insurer doesn’t provide one

·      Expert legal assistance from our solicitors on any claim for personal injury for you or any of your   passengers- no win, no fee guaranteed

·      Liaison between all insurers, brokers, recovery operators, garages and solicitors involved – simplifying paperwork, removing the unnecessary hassle, and looking after your rights

Commenting on the launch of the new Street Angel Response App, Simon Catt, Director of Camera Telematics said: “We are very excited about the launch of the app, which follows on from the successful launch of our Street Angel advanced onboard digital camera earlier this year. We believe Street Angel Response will be the most advanced accident management and claims app available to businesses operating fleets as well as commercial users. Not only does the app better protect drivers from any potential fraudulent claims resulting from an incident, but from an accident management perspective, the full suite of features provides drivers with complete peace of mind in the event of an incident on the road.”



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