3 ways fuel cards can benefit HGVs in 2020


One of the main benefits of fuel cards is that they give you access to cheaper fuel. This is because they give you the chance to get discounted diesel and petrol. This helps you to save money when you’re filling up your HGV.

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The amount of money you can save with fuel cards depends on the option you select. Using a fuel card comparison site like iCompario lets you put in your details and find the right option for you — allowing you to find out what savings you could make in a couple of clicks.

Fuel cards generate Revenue approved invoices

A huge benefit of fuel cards is that they produce Revenue approved invoices. This might not sound like much but it’s actually hugely important – it makes it easier to submit accurate tax claims, in turn, simplifying the process of claiming the rebates that you’re entitled to.

Submitting tax claims can be a tricky, complicated, and time-consuming process. While we recommend that you check the government’s website to find out exactly what it involves, it may also be an idea to speak to an accountant.

Fuel cards all you to track HGV drivers fuel spending

One of the greatest challenges of any business is managing its spending. Transport is one of the biggest costs for many businesses and fuel cards come with tracking software to help make your HGV drivers more efficient when purchasing fuel.

Tracking software with fuel cards tells you how much is being spent on fuel and where it’s being spent on fuel. This lets you see if your drivers are buying from the wrong stations – the more expensive ones. The tracking software with fuel cards uses telematics, something that you can learn more about at Wikipedia.


Reducing fuel costs, generating HMRC invoices, and providing tracking software are just three of the ways that fuel cards benefit HGVs in 2020.

Our recommendation is that you take note of these benefits, then seek out a fuel card that provides all this for your business – then it won’t be long before you start to experience the benefits firsthand.


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