Accident and dangerous occurrence reporting and investigation

In the latest in a series of Health and Safety related articles, regular columnist Geraldine McGovern pens a very informative article on accident and dangerous occurrence reporting and investigation.

What is an Incident?

An Incident can be a serious or minor accident, a near miss or dangerous occurrence which occurs at the place of work during work hours.

What is a reportable Incident?

· “General injuries involving employees and self-employed Accidents, where a person is injured at a place of work and cannot perform their normal work for more than 3 consecutive days, not including the day of the accident, are reportable.

· Road traffic/ vehicle accidents involving employees and self-employed

Such accidents are reportable if the person was injured while driving or riding in the vehicle in the course of work, and cannot perform their normal work for more than 3 consecutive days, not including the day of the accident.

· General injuries involving members of the public

Accidents related to a place of work or a work activity where a person requires treatment from a medical practitioner are reportable.

Accidents related to medical treatment or pre-existing medical conditions are not reportable.

· Road traffic/vehicle accidents involving members of the public

Road traffic accidents are only notifiable if they relate to vehicle loads or to the construction or maintenance of roads or structures adjacent to roads.

General injuries involving employees and self-employed” Taken from the HSA Website

What Legislation covers Incident Reporting?

Part X and the Twelfth Schedule to the General Application Regulations 1993, relating to the notification of accidents and dangerous occurrences, remain in place after 1 November 2007. The revised General Application Regulations covering all of the other parts came into effect after this date.

It is thought that the remaining Part X and Twelfth Schedule will be updated in the near future als

I am Self Employed with no Employees – do I need to report Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences?

Yes. You must also have provisions in place to arrange that someone make the report on your behalf should you sustain a serious injury and are unable to complete the report yourself.

Who do I report the Accident or Dangerous Occurrence to and how do I report it?

All reportable Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences must be reported to The Health and Safety Authority.

Reports can be completed online on their website at the following link: or by completing an IR1 Form for Accidents and an IR3 Form for Dangerous Occurrences. Both can be downloaded at by clicking on “Forms” in the Publications and Forms Section or obtained form the Health and Safety Authority by phoning 1890 289 389 or email [email protected]

Do I need to Investigate Non Reportable Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences?

Yes, regardless of whether an Incident is reportable or not, it is good practice to find out why something happened, how it happened and find out how it can be prevented from happening again and/or prevent a more serious incident from occurring in the future.

Where can I get more detailed information on Accident and Dangerous Occurrence Reporting which applies to Driving for Work?

Here is a link to the HSA Website article which gives full details and examples of Incidents which require and don’t require reporting.



Geraldine McGovern CMIOSH is a Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner for over 5 years and has worked in Health and Safety for 10 years. As well as being a Chartered Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and health (IOSH), she is an Internationally Certificated H&S Auditor (IRCA).

Her business is Safety Wise Advice Services which specialises in providing Health and Safety Advice, Guidance, Audits and Training to Small and Medium and Large Enterprises.


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